RARE DOCUMENTED BEAR CLAW Winchester, Model 1873 SRC, Third Vari...
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RARE DOCUMENTED BEAR CLAW Winchester, Model 1873 SRC, Third Variation .44 Cal. (Non-marked), MFG. 1904, SN: 581887B, Lever Action Rifle, 20'' round barrel, Full mag, This Rifle was a gift to Bear Claw for his 18th Birthday, from his father Short Bull No. 2 & his mother Plenty from the Spotted Tail Brule Band of Wazhazha. The gun comes with a letter from Wendell Grangaard, President of The Guns of History, INC. In it he illustrates the Togia markings found on the rifle. During Wendell's examination of the gun he writes; ''I discovered a bear claw & the brass button configuration of Spotted Tail's Wazhazha Brule Band on the left side of the stock, as shown on Illustration 1. On the right side of the stock I found the following message written in Togia: ''Father - Short Bull - gift,'' as shown on Illustration 2. On the right side of the action he found another Togia message: ''Short Bull - Gift - son - Bear-Claw.'' This is shows on illustration 3. On the left wrist is the mark of the Spotted Tail Brule Band, as shows on illustration 4. Short Bull was born in 1847 to Brule Lakota Sioux parents & he joined Spotted Tail's Wazhasha Brule Band. He married his first wife Plenty in 1875 & did not fight at the Battle of Little Bighorn because of the birth of his daughter, Kills Plenty in 1876. Short Bull also married Plenty's Sister, Comes Out in 1875. Plenty & Short Bull had five sons & two more daughters. Bear Claw was the sixth child & he was born in 1887. Wendell believes Short Bull bought this 1873 Winchester Carbine S/N 581887B for Bear Claw on his 18th birthday in 1905, which is recorded in the Togia messages & the bear claw on the rifle.''

Condition: The wood stocks are original & good with lots of honest heavy wear, which includes gouges, chips, nicks & hairline cracks. The buttstock carries brass tacks that are very early & do not react to a magnet (which happens with modern tacks), plus other Indian embellishments. The metal has toned to a fully brown patina with pitting. The buttplate has been removed & in its place is an added piece of leather. Bore is poor, No rear sight & standard front sight. Working of the lever will not fully cock the hammer. No dust cover. There appears to be some sort of soldered repair to the brass block. Carbine carries the original saddle ring. Comes with binder which includes the letter from Wendall Grangaard, pictures of Short Bull, & pictures which illustrate the Togia markings & other markings on the carbine. This is your opportunity to buy a documented Indian relic & a unique piece of history. FFL or C&R Req. - Value: 4000 to 8000


RARE DOCUMENTED BEAR CLAW Winchester, Model 1873 SRC, Third Vari...
Item # 4015
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