Winchester Hotchkiss, 1883 SR Carbine First model, Cal. .45-70, ...
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Winchester Hotchkiss, 1883 SR Carbine First model, Cal. .45-70, MFG: 1883, S/N: 15938, Bolt Action Carbine, 24'' Round barrel. Designed around 1875 by American designer Benjamin Berkeley Hotchkiss, the rifle was designed as a bolt-action repeater. Hotchkiss obtained four patents on the design by 1877, & sold his patents to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company the same year; the weapon was then submitted to the 1878 Ordnance Board trials for the United States Army who wanted to investigate the possibility of the adoption of a magazine rifle. The weapon was tested against a number of prototypes. It was one of the best performers, being one of the fastest rifles & one of the most reliable, surviving various sand & dust tests. However, when it came to the final test, the ''overcharged cartridge'' test, the Hotchkiss' bolt broke; this was mainly due to a manufacturing defect. Winchester managed to rectify the problem & at the end of testing, the Hotchkiss design was recommended for adoption by the committee. However numerous small flaws were soon discovered & the Hotchkiss underwent numerous modification until ultimately being rejected by the Army in favor of the simpler US Springfield 1873. The Winchester-Hotchkiss was a simple bolt-action rifle using an internal tube magazine holding five rounds. Made in three variations, the Winchester-Hotchkiss was the first centerfire bolt-action repeating rifle used by any major party. To load the rifle, the bolt was opened and rounds pushed into the chamber & backwards into the stock. A catch grabs the rim of the first cartridge & holds it in place until the trigger is pulled, whereupon it is released & pushed upwards into the receiver with the magazine spring acting as motive power. When the bolt is pulled backwards, the empty casing is kicked out the rifle; when the bolt is pushed back forward, the bolt catches onto the rim of the next cartridge & drags it into battery. The bolt has one locking lug, & vent holes are present at the rear of the receiver to act as pressure relief in case of a ruptured cartridge. The rifles feature a magazine cutoff which prevents any additional rounds from feeding into the gun from the magazine. On First Model rifles, this was a switch on the right hand side of the receiver which also acted as a safety. On Second Model rifles, this was a two-position lever riding on the top left of the receiver. On Third Model rifles, this was a two-position lever mounted on the left side of the receiver. On Second & Third Model rifles, the safety is separate of the magazine cutoff. This first model has the one piece stock which is excellent & original, with original finish & few significant handling marks. The Barrel & receiver have mostly silvered with some original finish in protected areas. The carbine carries the original metal buttplate, saddle ring & sights. Bore is very good. A very nice example of a unique first version Hotchkiss carbine. No FFL Req. - Value: 1800 to 2500


Winchester Hotchkiss, 1883 SR Carbine First model, Cal. .45-70, ...
Item # 4307
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