Below are Guides we have personally Hunted or Fished with & have given our Stamp of Approval! 

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Trophy Mule Deer in Mexico

(Photo above we shot 26", 27" 30" & 32" Bucks)

We just got back from this hunt in January 2006.  What a great hunt is was.  We hunted private ranches with the best access.  They had 28 - 32+ inch deer available on the ranch.  All of the hunts this guide provides are fair chase hunts.  If you are looking for a trophy Mule deer, this is for you.  We highly recommend this hunt to all of our clients.  Also offered are Coues Deer & Havalina.

Hunting in Mexico is done out of a tall rack mounted in the back of a pickup so you can se over the tall brush.  50% of the shots came from the rack & a spot & stock on the other two deer.  Accommodations were clean & neat & the food was freshly made each day by the in house cook.  They offered Mexican & American Foods.

Alaskan Caribou, Moose & Grizzly Hunts

Hunt one or all three.  Here is a hunt we took in 2003.  Three hunters harvested 3 nice Caribou.  Because we were done so quickly we had an opportunity to harvest a Grizzly Bear & were successfull (see photo below).  Also included in this trip is guided fishing for Salmon, Rainbow & Brown Trout plus Arctic Char.  Food & accomodations were great.

                             Jere with his Caribou

                                (7'6" Grizzly Bear)

Alaskan King Camp on the Nushagak River

Three hundred and fifty miles southwest of anchorage lies the Nushagak River.  By Alaska standards it's an unassuming place, quietly collecting 4,400 miles of creeks and small rivers on it's way ti Bristol Bay.  That is, until late June, when the Nushagak River hosts an incredible run of Chinook salmon.  Put simply, Nushagak River salmon fishing is far beyond "World-Class" and is appropriately described as, "The Class of The World."  This guide averages over 2- fish per day...per boat.  In addition to the Chinook, the Hushagak hosts strong runs of Chum, Sockeye, Pink and Silver Salmon - but the Chinook fishing is so good, most anglers never take a moment to fish for these outstanding salmon.  We have yet to make this trip but plan to real soon.

Tillamook Bay / Clackamas River / Deschutes River

Are all rivers in Oregon that we have fished with this guide.  Each river is very different & unique.

* Tillamook Bay is known for it's Big Chinook Salmon.  This bay & its tributary rivers produce the largest Chinook on the West Coast.

*Clackamas River is located just a few miles south of Portland, OR.  Leaving from Portland you can be on the Clackamas River before your coffee gets cold.  Fish for Steelhead & Spring Chinook.

*Deschutes River is located in Central Oregon.  This summer steelhead fishery is arguably the best on the planet.  With its cool flows as an incentive, fish bound for rivers as far away as Idaho enters the Deschutes to take a break from the warm waters of the Columbia River.  These "Dip-ins" as they are called can number in the thousands, and when combined with retuning Deschutes steelhead fishery against fishing trips of all kinds, worldwide, this trip would have to be in the tip ten.

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