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February sale ended with a BANG!

Thank you for everyone who participated, the auction ended at 12:19 am PST.  

We will be working this weekend and all of next week from 8 am - 3 pm

Please call if you would like to pick up your items.  

If you have special shipping instructions please contact us by email or phone by SATURDAY!   


If you would like your invoice by email; you must contact us by email or phone asking for an e-mail Inv. 

Otherwise we will send an invoice by snail mail.  

If you have asked for this in the past we have a note to e-mail your inv., so no need to e-mail us again. 

If your account shows us to charge your card and send it ASAP, that is what we will do. Your invoice will be inside the box and we will not contact you.  Your items will ship sometime in the next two weeks if your card goes through.  

Please update your CC and personal information as we are getting a lot of declined CC. 

P.S. If you would like to save on shipping you can contact us on Saturday & say I WANT MY ITEMS TO SHIP WITH NO INS. & NO SIGNATURE REQ.  This will save you at least $4.00 & much more if you have high dollar items, if your lots are damaged in shipment you have no recourse, so there is a risk!



Order your Catalogs on CD for $15.00 for this sale!!!

Order yours today! 


We will be coming to Tulsa OK Guns show in April 2019 & Decoy show in St. Charles IL then driving back to Oregon!

If you want us to pick up your collection, please contact us today!


To get in on the action all consignments need to be to us before these dead line dates.

                         Next Aucton Dates:                     Dead lines for consignments:

                     Feb. 2019                                    Jan. 1st 2018

                      May 2019                                    April 1st 2019

                      Aug. 2019                                    July 1st 2019

                      Nov. 2019                                    Oct. 1st 2019

  Please send your lots today to get in on the action!

Remember 0% comm. to consigners on all decoys & guns that sell over $2,000.00



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