Frequently asked questions on "How To Consign" to Sporting Collectibles by Ward Auctions Inc.

Items must meet the following requirements:

  • Date 1950 or older
  • Grade excellent or better
  • A per-item value of $50.00 or more
  • Items must be Hunting or Fishing related

Once you have items that meet these requirements, provide a list with a brief description of each item. It does not have to be in great detail. A list is important so that when your items arrive we have a list to check off. We will notify you with a copy of your list, to confirm that your items arrived safely.

After your items are checked in, your item(s) become a "lot" labeled with your bid number, so it never gets lost. We do the write up, photography, editing, and layout of the lot on our web site and catalog. If your lot is a duplicate of a lot already received, it will be held to the next auction. 40 days after the auction ends, consignors are paid. Commissions and shipping charges for lots unsold are subtracted from consignor checks.

There are two categories in which additional fees could be added. "Single Cartridges" We hire an outside appraiser to identify and value. There is a $20.00/hr charge for this, which is subtracted from the consignor's check. We encourage you to write your own description and evaluations to avoid this charge. We have a very knowledgeable collector and appraiser that is able to identify and evaluate many items in one hour. ".22 Boxes" If you would like your .22 boxes to have the Tony Dunn/Richard Rains number researched and written with your description (WHICH ADDS GREAT VALUE TO YOUR BOX) then we also can do that for a fee of $20.00/hr. We do have the Tony Dunn/Richard Rains books available for sale. These numbers let collectors know exactly which box is for sale and they can look over their collection to see if they need that exact box. It is so detailed that they will know the wording on all sides of the box, inside & out, plus in some cases, the style of curve to the inside flap. It is well worth the money to have the .22 box researched and identified.

Send all Consignments to
Ward's Auctions Inc.
827 Main St
Dallas, OR 97338

$1.00 TO $25.00 50% 18%
$26.00 TO $200.00 30% 18%
$201.00 TO $1000.00 20% 18%
$1001.00 ON UP 10% 18%

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