1. All bidders have to be assigned a bid number by Ward's Auctions.  Signing up online or use the sign-up sheet provided in the back of our catalog, or we can fax you a copy. If you do not know your bid number or password please call Ward's Auctions. Catalogs are $39.00 (U.S.).  If you would like to be added to the Automatic catalog list & save $3.00 per issue, the price of the catalog will be $36.00 (US) each time thereafter.  A $10.00 shipping charge will be added to all foreign countries except Canada. There will be a 3% handling fee for all auction purchases (waved if paid by cash or check).

2. Payment due upon receipt and if not paid in 25 days of auction ending, credit it card on file will be charged.

3. Bids are entered via ONLINE, phone, fax or mail as soon as items are posted on the internet.  Bid numbers must accompany each communication with us whether it be online, phone, fax or mail.  Bids received by phone are not the  responsibility of Ward's Auctions.  To insure your bids are entered correctly, please send a hard copy to Ward's Auctions, either via fax, e-mail or mail.  All mistakes made by entering bids incorrectly will be corrected after the auction closes. In some cases this may result in the item being awarded to another bidder. Please understand that at Ward's Auctions we will always try to be fair. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

4. Online bidding hours any time & telephone bidding hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday the last two days of the auction, phone lines are open 8:00 am until 7:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. After 7:00 PM PST a 30 second timer will continue to reset until we do not get a bid on any lot for one minute. This way all buyers are satisfied they were able to place their bids, and all sellers are satisfied their product sold for the highest price. We will take bids via Online, fax, e-mail, phone or mail ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE END OF THE AUCTION.   When bidding by telephone, please have a list ready so that your time is maximized. "flipping" through the catalogue to make bids takes too much time!

4a. Our Auctions are held February, May, August & November.

5. The minimum bid for any lot must open at an amount at least � of the low estimate rounded to the next whole dollar. Example: lot 101 has an estimate of $25.00 to $50.00. The minimum opening bid is $12.50 rounded to $13.00. The rule is instituted only to save time.  All Reserve items that do not sell over the reserve amount will be charged a $40.00 flat fee per item.

Reserve items designated by a "*". Any lot that does not have an opening bid at the conclusion of the auction will be held for a later auction at a lower estimate. Our computer program will not recognize a bid that is less that � of low estimate.

6. Advancement of bids shall be in increments of at least $1.00 or 5%, whichever is greater. Partial dollar amounts are always rounded up to the next whole dollar.

7. Automatic increase of spread bids. You may direct Ward's Auctions to bid for you. This is accomplished by entering "spread bids". Give us your opening minimum and maximum bid. If another bidder raises you, the computer will automatically increase your bid by the minimum increase only. We will never raise your bid unless a competing player has raised it. Credibility is the most important part of this business. In an effort to make you feel more confident when making spread bids, we offer to exchange the names and telephone numbers of any top two bidders at ether's request. You may request and immediately receive this information following any auction!! Each participant in this auction must agree with this concept and recognize that his or her name may be given to a competing bidder at anytime!

8. Withdrawal of bids: No bid can be withdrawn. There are no exceptions. No bidder may refuse to pay for bids won at the end of any auction. A legal contract is made when you make a bid. If any bidder refuses to pay his/her account, for whatever reason, we will charge your credit card for the full amount. You are agreeing to this stipulation when you sign the sign-up sheet or create an account on line. No bidder may participate in the auction without having submitted a signed bid sheet via mail or checking the box on line "I AGREE TO THE RULES OF THE GAME".

9. Credit: All bidders are required to have a credit card on file with Ward's Auctions. Our web site is a SECURE SITE. If a bidder chooses not to use a credit card, he or she may send a check for the entire amount they wish to spend plus 15% buyers premium at least 10 days before auction (please contact Ward's Auctions for alternate choices).

10. If you wish to have your account summary faxed or e-mailed to you immediately following the auction, you must call or e-mail your request the day following the auction with correct numbers or e-mail addresses.  The phones will be electronically answered for your message. All account statements will be forward to you the day after conclusion of an auction. Payment of your account balance should be received no later than 15 days immediately following an auction.  By your participation in this auction, you are agreeing, that if your account is not paid with in 15 days immediately following the close of an auction, you are giving us authorization to charge your credit card for the entire balance and ship your goods. No second notice will be sent. In order to pay our consigners on time all product must be paid for in full with in 15 days following the close of any auction.  failure to do so will result in the buyers right to return any product for any reason.  All returns must be back to Ward's Auctions with in 25 days following the close of any auction, so we can pay our consigners on time.  Thank you for your understanding.

11. Winning bidders are responsible for all shipping, handling and insurance fees. Allow 1 week delivery from date we receive payment. All shipping and handling is done in-house. Firearms that require FFL registration will NOT be charged a transfer fee. The customer may request any carrier for a shipment. If no special request is made we will use the least expensive carrier and method. We will insure each shipment for full value. Shipment dates for your purchases will be in order of payments received.

12. Unusual, large, heavy or fragile items may require special shipping arrangements resulting in additional costs. Each bidder is responsible for any unusual arrangements or additional costs that have to be incurred.

13. Foreign sales are subject to the same restriction as any other purchase. It is the bidders responsibility to arrange customs clearance and duty as applicable.

14. Sales taxes are not charged to any bidder. It is the responsibility of each buyer to pay any sales tax due in their state. We are a wholesale company only.

15. Buyers and sellers premium is applicable to all sales. All checks will be held 10 days for check clearance before shipment of winnings. Please see chart below for premiums for buyer and seller.

$1.00 TO $200.00 30% 15%
$201.00 TO $1000.00 20% 15%
$1001.00 ON UP 10% 15%
Starting Feb. 2024
$1.00 TO $25.00 50% 18%
$26.00 TO $200.00 30% 18%
$201.00 TO $1000.00 20% 18%
$1001.00 ON UP 10% 18%

16. Our guarantee: All lots in this auction have been inspected and graded by our appraisers. We will always strive to be painstakingly accurate and honest in the grading of all items to the best of or ability and within the guidelines of the grading scale below. Ward's Auctions entire business is based on integrity and honesty. With out that, we lose all credibility.

17. Grading: Ward's Auctions grades conservatively. Accurate and concise grading is taken very seriously and we pride ourselves in obtaining an accuracy level near 100%. In the case of an authenticity mistake, we will honor the return of any item as long as you provide us with proof that contradicts our description. If the winner is dissatisfied with the grading of the item, the winner can discuss the return of the item with prior approval. By participating in this auction you are agreeing to this stipulation. Internal parts and mechanical operation are not guaranteed on any lot. The words "mechanically sound" refer only to the "dry" operation of an item and is only our opinion as to correctness. Ammo boxes that come to us already sealed in plastic are not opened and examined for correctness or number of RDS. Except on a random basis. We depend on consignor's honesty and integrity when describing sealed boxes. Please note this when you examine your purchases, one rd missing from a box does not constitute a return. We would, however, wish that you inform us of the fact, if it occurs.

18. Grading scale:

1. Mint---item shows no appreciable wear/damage. 97% of new.

2. Excellent---item shows very moderate wear or damage so as not to detract from overall appearance. 90% to 97% of new.

3. Very good---item shows some wear and moderate damage, but overall appearance is still 80% - 90% of new with exceptions as noted.

4. Good---item shows significant wear, damage or soiling, but overall appearance is until 70% to 80% of new with exceptions as noted.

5. Fair---item shows significant wear, repair, damage, or soiling with overall appearance being 50% to 70% of new.

6. Poor---item shows damage, wear, repair or soiling to the point that appearance is ugly and not desirable. Would be acceptable only as a representative item. 0% to 70%.

*7. The use of +’s and -"s to denote degrees of condition may refine the grade of an item. Ex: VG++ means the item shows some minor problem but still is clean and approaching the higher end of the grade scale.

*8. Occasionally the catalog description and the photo numbers do not match. Always bid the number of the item on the description page and not the number on the photo.

*9. When a description of a folded brochure is given the size is referring to the folded size and not the unfolded size unless otherwise noted.

19. List of abbreviations that we most commonly use: RH web: stands for (Roger Huegel Website)

H/S: = HEADSTAMP                                                                                                              (
FLT. HD = FLAT HEAD                   FN = FLAT NOSE              FLT = FLAT        
GRV. = GROOVE                               PTD = POINTED
RN = ROUND NOSE                              BN = BOTTLE NECK                              NPE = NEW PRIMED EMPTY

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