Sharps, New Model 1859 Carbine Single Shot, .52 Cal, MFG Antique...
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Sharps, New Model 1859 Carbine Single Shot, .52 Cal, MFG Antique, SN 48078, Lever Action, 22'' round barrel, Carbines like this issued to cavalry troops during the Civil War. The weapon measures 39'' long overall & the shorter length made it easier to handle on horseback. This weapon is rifled & uses a percussion cap. However, unlike other weapons of the time it was a breechloader. A paper cartridge was used inserted into the breach & when it was closed, it cut the back of the paper off exposing the powder to the cap. Many Sharps rifles & carbines were converted to the metallic cartridge after the war. Union cavalry units in Fort Smith such as the Sixth & Second Kansas were issued these carbines during the Civil War. It has a iron patch box in the shoulder stock. The walnut buttstock has a military oil finish with numerous handling marks & blemishes scattered throughout the wood. It carries a saddle bar & ring on the left side. The stock is absent of any visible cartouches. The forearm displays fewer marks as it is a likely replacement & may have been refinished. The barrel & other metal surface carry a dark brown & heavily pitted surface. The top of the barrel behind rear sight is stamped ''NEW MODEL 1859''. The makers three-line address is forward of rear sight & is partially visible from wear & rust pit scaring. The lock plate is marked with the R.S. Lawrence 1859 & the Sharps 1852 patent dates. The Sharps 1848 patent date is on the left side of the receiver. The serial number is located on the top of the receiver tang. Rifling is good, but the bore is heavily pitted. Fitted with an original folding rear sight & front carbine sight. The single iron barrel band is present & matches the barrel surface. Bottom tang carries the lever locking lug. Single trigger. A well worn military carbine that probably saw lots of battle & use.* Antique, No FFL Req. - Value: 1200 to 1800


Sharps, New Model 1859 Carbine Single Shot, .52 Cal, MFG Antique...
Item # 4095
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