U.S. Springfield, Model 1855 Percussion Pistol-Carbine. MFG: 185...
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U.S. Springfield, Model 1855 Percussion Pistol-Carbine. MFG: 1855-57, Cal. .58 Percussion, S/N: NONE, Muzzle loading Percussion Pistol, 12'' Round barrel. The Springfield Armory manufactured 4,021 of these distinctive weapons between 1855-1857. The Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine was intended to provide the U.S. Cavalry & Dragoon regiments with a weapon that could be utilized as a carbine for dismounted action when fitted with the stock & a pistol for use on horseback with the stock removed. The carbine was designed to fire the newly introduced .58 cal expanding base bullet (Minie ball) & was fitted with the Maynard Tape Primer adopted of the 1855 series weapons. The round barrel has an iron front sight blade, a two-leaf folding rear sight graduated to 400 yards and a swivel ramrod with concave button tip. The lock plate has a magazine for Maynard tape primers & a bolster with cleanout screw. The pistol butt cap has a sling ring & the stock & barrel band are fitted with sling swivels. The barrel, lock plate & back strap are finished National Armory Bright showing some percussion pitting near the nipple. The barrel band, trigger guard, stock yoke & buttplate are brass. The pistol stock & detachable stock are oil finished black walnut. The lock plate is dated ''1856'' behind the hammer & roll-stamped ''U.S./SPRINGFIELD'' in front of the tape-primer door. The lock plate is roll-stamped with the Springfield Armory eagle & shield motif. The left barrel flat is stamped with ''V/P/Eaglehead'' proof & inspection marks. The stock is stamped with the assembly number ''15''. ''U.S.'' is stamped on the top of the stock buttplate heel. A faint outline of an Ordnance Department Oval cartouche is partially visible on the left pistol stock flat. Manufactured in relatively small numbers the Model 1855 Pistol-Carbines were issued to the U.S. Cavalry & Dragoon regiments on the pre-Civil War frontier in conjunction with Colt revolvers. At the start of the Civil War Model 1855 Pistol-Carbines were issued to volunteer cavalry regiments. Nearly all of the 4,026 Model 1855 Pistol-Carbines appear to have been issued; examples typically show moderate to heavy service wear. The Model 1855 Pistol-Carbine has the distinction of being one the three handguns manufactured by the Springfield Armory. The Metal surfaces are overall very good. The original stocks are very good & appear to carry the original matching finishes. There are numerous small nicks, scratches & contusions, along with a very thin/tight hairline at the rear of the left pistol flat & another through the left pistol grip. The bore is very good with light percussion pitting. This is a very nice example of a distinctive & very desirable Model 1855 Percussion Pistol-Carbine.* No FFL Req. - Value: 5500 to 8500


U.S. Springfield, Model 1855 Percussion Pistol-Carbine. MFG: 185...
Item # 4293
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