Fantastic Colt, Model 1861 Special Rifle-Musket. MFG: 1863, Cal....
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Fantastic Colt, Model 1861 Special Rifle-Musket. MFG: 1863, Cal. .58 Percussion, S/N: none, Muzzleloading Percussion Musket, 40' Round barrel. This is an exceptional example of a Colt Model 1861 Special Rifle-Musket that was manufactured in 1863. Colt produced these rifle-muskets under Ordnance Department contracts during the Civil War. The Model 1861 Special Rifle-Musket had a distinctive hammer, bolster with no provision for a clean-out screw, two-leaf rear sight graduated to 500 yards, screw-fastened barrel bands & straight shank tulip head ramrod. Most of these features were subsequently incorporated on the Springfield Model 1863 & Model 1864 Rifle-Muskets. The barrel, lock & iron furniture are finished ''National Armory Bright''. The three-leaf rear sight is blue & the trigger is casehardened. The black walnut stock is oil finished. The lock plate is dated ''1863'' behind the hammer & the top of the barrel is dated ''1863'' just ahead of the tang. ''U.S./COLT'S PT F.A. MFG CO/HARTFORD CT'' is roll-stamped on the lock plate in front of the hammer. The face of the nipple bolster is stamped with the Spread Eagle/Shield motif. The upper left barrel flat is stamped with Ordnance ''V/P/Eagle Head'' proof & inspection marks. An ''F'' Ordnance sub-inspection mark & ''STEEL'' are stamped on the left barrel flat just above the stock line. Single letter Ordnance inspection marks are stamped on all major components. ''U.S.'' is stamped on the heel of the buttplate. The left stock flat is stamped with the Ordnance final inspection & sub-inspection marks that consist of two or three script initials surrounded by rectangular borders. The musket retains nearly all of the original National Armory Bright finish. There is some light scattered surface erosion. The rear sight has all of the original dull blue finish. The percussion nipple has no flash pitting & there virtually no firing wear on the bolster or adjacent areas of the barrel lock plate or hammer. All of the markings are sharp. The musket remains in excellent, almost as issued condition. The stock is excellent. The edges of the flats & barrel channel are very sharp. The grain is raised with no significant storage marks. The Ordnance final inspection & sub-inspection stamps are excellent. Comes fitted with a vintage sling & a ''US'' marked socket bayonet. This is an outstanding example of a Colt Model 1861 Special Rifle-Musket that would be extremely difficult to improve upon.* No FFL Req. - Value: 5000 to 7000


Fantastic Colt, Model 1861 Special Rifle-Musket. MFG: 1863, Cal....
Item # 4300
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