Sharps-Borchardt, Model 1878 Military Rifle. MFG: 1863, Cal. .45...
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Sharps-Borchardt, Model 1878 Military Rifle. MFG: 1863, Cal. .45-70, S/N: 20694, Lever Falling Block, 32'' Round barrel. The Sharps-Borchardt Model 1878 is a single-shot hammerless falling-block action rifle designed by Hugo Borchardt & made by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company. It closely resembles older Sharps Rifles but has a firing mechanism that uses a hammerless striker rather than a hammer and firing pin like the old Sharps Rifle. This hammerless dropping-block breech-loader was based on a patent granted to Hugo Borchardt in 1877. It was the last of the Sharps single-shot rifles, & the Borchardt did not sell very well. According to company records 22,500 rifles were made in all models from 1877 until the Sharps Rifle Co. closed down in 1881. Although it was designed for the huge black powder ''buffalo'' cartridges of the day, it came too late, at the very end of the great bison slaughter. Several variants were produced: but the Military Sharps-Borchardt was made only in .45-70 with 32'' round barrels. They were purchased by the militias of the states of Michigan, North Carolina, & Massachusetts. Notwithstanding its lack of commercial success, they were admired for their strength & accuracy: reputed to be one of the strongest actions ever built before the latter 20th century. The gun was revolutionary at its time for its use of coil springs as opposed to flat springs. Surviving guns are highly prized by collectors, especially unmodified examples chambered for heavy .45 & .50-caliber Sharps big-game cartridges. The walnut buttstock & forend are in good condition, with the forearm having numerous scattered handling marks & blemishes & a sliver repair on the left against the receiver. The stock is a likely replacement with wood pieces being nicely replaced on both sides & behind the upper tang, with fewer marks. The barrel carries 90% coverage of an original blue toning brown finish, while the receiver is toned brown. The receiver is mostly silver, with the left side of the receiver carrying the address, ''US'' & serial number stampings. Fitted with a factory folding ladder rear sight & standard front sight. Bore is very good. Sling loops on trigger guard & barrel band. No ramrod. The action is very tight & appears to function well. The top of the receiver is stamped ''J.P. Lower'', the famous Denver CO. gunsmith & Sharps dealer. Unique rifle with a cool dealer stamping. No FFL Req. - Value: 2000 to 3000


Sharps-Borchardt, Model 1878 Military Rifle. MFG: 1863, Cal. .45...
Item # 4305
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